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45 Synonyms for Food

45 Synonyms for Food 45 Synonyms for â€Å"Food† 45 Synonyms for â€Å"Food† By Mark Nichol Food means â€Å"a substance we eat for nutritional and/or gustatory purposes,† but that word is bland. For a tastier experience, use one of its synonyms listed below to convey the connotation you desire your readers to digest: 1. Aliment: food as nourishment 2. Bite: a bite’s worth of food, but also a small amount of food, such as a snack, or a casual reference to a larger amount 3. Board: the food laid out on a table, from the association of board with table; also denotes the part of the housing arrangement known as room and board, where room refers to lodging and board to meals 4. Bread: a synecdochic reference to food (synecdoche is a rhetorical device in which a part stands for a whole, as in â€Å"All hands on deck† for â€Å"All sailors on deck†) 5. Chow: food (slang); also a verb, as in â€Å"Chow down† 6. Comestible: food (formal or mock-formal); also a synonym for the adjective edible 7. Comfort food: food that satisfies nostalgic yearnings for traditionally prepared meals 8. Cooking: food, especially as specifically prepared, as in â€Å"I like her cooking† 9. Cuisine: food prepared in a specific fashion, as according to cultural tradition, or the manner or style of cooking 10. Diet: the particular combination of food for a person, group, or society, or a combination of food specified for or by a person for health reasons and/or weight loss; also a verb referring to the process of improving or maintaining health and/or losing weight 11. Dish: a preparation of food served in a single container as part of a meal; also, a container or piece of dinnerware for cooking, serving, or eating food, or an attractive person, or a verb meaning â€Å"to gossip† 12. Eatable: food; also a synonym for edible 13. Eats: food, especially convenient or simple food (slang) 14. Entrà ©e: the main course of a meal 15. Fare: food, in the sense of what is available or what is traditionally eaten 16. Fast food: food prepared rapidly, especially in restaurants that serve food quickly and at a high volume; also, used as an adjective in this sense or in that of something produced with little regard for quality 17. Feed: food for livestock; also used to describe an informal fund-raising event such as a crab feed in which a featured food is served with other dishes 18. Fodder: see feed; also refers to material in general that is readily available for use or consumption (â€Å"cannon fodder†) 19. Foodstuff: something used as food, especially as a raw ingredient in a food product 20. Goodies: edible treats 21. Groceries: food purchased at a store 22. Grub: see eats 23. Handout: food given free for charitable purposes 24. Home cooking: food prepared at home in a traditional manner, with the nostalgic connotation of comfort and familiarity 25. Larder: a supply of food, from the synonym for pantry 26. Meal: the food served at a particular sitting 27. Meat: see bread, or food consisting of the flesh of an animal other than a fish 28. Menu: the food served during a meal, or a list of food to be served; also, any list of offerings or choices 29. Mess: a meal served to a group of people who routinely eat together, as a ship’s crew; also, that group of people or the location where they eat, or a certain amount of food 30. Nourishment: food in the sense of something that satisfies the need to eat; also, the act or state of nourishing or being nourished, or something other than food that provides a corollary benefit 31. Nutriment: something that satisfies the need for nutrition 32. Pabulum: food prepared in a semiliquid state for ease of eating and/or digestion; also, communication of minimal value or sophistication thought to be acceptable to lowest-common-denominator consumers, or, rarely, communication thought to be intellectually stimulating 33. Provender: see feed, or food in general 34. Provisions: a supply of food made available for specific use, as by an expedition 35. Ration: a supply of food made available for a specific person, as a member of a military unit, or, in plural form, such food in general; also, a supply of another commodity as dictated by availability 36. Refreshment: a snack or small meal intended to sustain until the next meal 37. Slop: low-quality food, or leftovers given to livestock; also, garbage, excrement, or slush, or effusive communication 38. Store: see larder 39. Subsistence: the minimum amount of food necessary for survival; also, the equivalent in nonedible commodities 40. Sustenance: see aliment 41. Table: see meal and larder 42. Take-out: food obtained from a restaurant to be eaten elsewhere 43. Viand: see dish, or a piece or item of food, especially a particularly delicious one, and, in plural form, see provisions 44. Victuals: food, or see provisions; as victual, a verb synonymous with provision in the sense of supplying with provisions 45. Vittles: food (a dialectical spelling of victuals) Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:100 Mostly Small But Expressive InterjectionsThe Writing ProcessAdvance vs. Advanced

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