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Africans Before Columbus

Dark CIVILIZATIONS OF ANCIENT AMERICA (MUU-LAN), MEXICO (XI) Gigantic stone head of Negritic African The most punctual individuals in the Americas were individuals of the Negritic African race, who entered the Americas maybe as right on time as 100,000 years prior, by method of the bering straight and around thirty thousand years back in an overall sea undertaking that included excursions from the then wet and lake filled Sahara towards the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, and from West Africa over the Atlantic Ocean towards the Americas.According to the Gladwin Thesis, this antiquated excursion happened, especially around 75,000 years prior and included Black Pygmies, Black Negritic people groups and Black Australoids like the Aboriginal Black individuals of Australia and parts of Asia, including India. Old African earthenware pictures 1000 B. C. to 500 B. C. Ongoing disclosures in the field of etymology and different techniques have appeared no ifs, ands or buts, that the antiquated O lmecs of Mexico, known as the Xi People, came initially from West Africa and were of the Mende African ethnic stock.According to Clyde A. Winters and different journalists (see Clyde A. Winters site), the Mende content was found on a portion of the old Olmec landmarks of Mexico and were seen as indistinguishable from exactly the same content utilized by the Mende individuals of West Africa. Despite the fact that the carbon fourteen testing date for the nearness of the Black Olmecs or Xi People is around 1500 B. C. , journies to the Mexico and the Southern United States may have originated from West Africa a lot prior, especially around 5,000 years before Christ.That end depends on the finding of an African local cotton that was found in North America. It's just conceivable way of showing up where it was found needed to have experienced human hands. At that period in West African history and even previously, human advancement was in full sprout in the Western Sahara in what is today Mauritania. Probably the most punctual human advancement, the Zingh Empire, existed and may have lived in what was a lake filled, wet and rich Sahara, where ships mismatched from spot to place.ANCIENT AFRICAN KINGDOMS PRODUCED OLMEC TYPE CULTURES The old realms of West Africa which involved the Coastal woodland belt from Cameroon to Guinea had exchanging associations with different Africans going back to ancient occasions. Be that as it may, by 1500 B. C. , these old realms exchanged along the Ivory Coast, yet with the Phoenicians and different people groups. They extended their exchange to the Americas, where the proof for an antiquated African nearness is overwhelming.The realms which came to be known by Arabs and Europeans during the Middle Ages were at that point settled when quite a bit of Western Europe was as yet possessed by Celtic clans. By the fifth Century B. C. , the Phoenicians were running comercial boats to a few West African realms. During that period, iron had been being used for around one thousand years and earthenware workmanship was being delivered at an extraordinary degree of craftsmanship. Stone was additionally being cut with naturalistic flawlessness and later, bronze was being utilized to make different apparatuses and instruments, just as perfectly naturalistic works of art.The old West African seaside and inside Kingdoms involved a region that is presently secured with thick vegetation yet may have been cleared around three to 4,000 years back. This incorporates the areas from the banks of West Africa toward the South, as far as possible inland to the Sahara. Various enormous realms and domains existed here. As per Blisshords Communications, perhaps the most established domain and civilizions on earth existed only north of the beach front locales into what is today Mauritania.It was known as the Zingh Empire and was exceptionally best in class. Indeed, they were the first to utilize the red, dark and green African banner and to pla nt it all through their domain all over Africa and the world. The Zingh Empire existed around fifteen thousand years prior. The main different human advancements that may have been in existance at that period in history were the Ta-Seti development of what became Nubia-Kush and the legendary Atlantis progress which may have existed out in the Atlantic, off the bank of West Africa around ten to fifteen thousand years ago.That leaves the inquiry with regards to whether there was a connection between the ancient Zingh Empire of West Africa and the development of Atlantis, regardless of whether the Zingh Empire was really Atlantis, or whether Atlantis in the event that it existed was a piece of the Zingh realm. Was Atlantis, the exceptionally innovatively modern development an expansion of Black human advancement in the Meso-America and different pieces of the Americas? Stone cutting of a Shaman or minister from Columbia's San Agustine CultureAn antiquated West African Oni or King holdi ng comparable curios as the San Agustine culture stone cutting of a Shaman The above old stone carvings (500 t0 1000 B. C. ) of Shamans of Priest-Kings unmistakably show particular similitudes in instruments held and reason. The reasonable cutting of an African lord or Oni and the stone cutting of a shaman from Columbia's San Agustin Culture shows dissemination of African strict practices to the Americas. Indeed, the locale of Columbia and Panama were among the principal puts that Blacks were spotted by the main Spanish wayfarers to the Americas.From the archeological proof accumulated both in West Africa and Meso-America, there is motivation to accept that the African Negritics who established or impacted the Olmec development originated from West Africa. Not exclusively do the collosol Olmec stone heads look like Black Africans from the Ghana zone, yet the antiquated strict acts of the Olmec ministers was like that of the West Africans, which included shamanism, the investigation of the Venus complex which was a piece of the customs of the Olmecs just as the Ono and Dogon People of West Africa.The language association is of critical significance, since it has been discovered through decipherment of the Olmec content, that the old Olmecs communicated in the Mende language and wrote in the Mend content, which is as yet utilized in parts of West Africa and the Sahara right up 'til today. Old TRADE BETWEEN THE AMERICAS AND AFRICA The most punctual exchange and business exercises among ancient and antiquated Africa and the Americas may have happened from West Africa and may have included delivery and travel over the Atlantic.The history of West Africa has never been appropriately inquired about. However, there is sufficient proof to show that West Africa of 1500 B. C. was at a degree of human progress moving toward that of old Egypt and Nubia-Kush. Indeed, there were similitudes between the way of life of Nubia and West Africa, even to the very likenesses between the littler scaled hard block earth internment pyramids worked for West African Kings at Kukia in pre Christian Ghana and their partners in Nubia, Egypt and Meso-America.Although West Africa isn't ordinarily known for having a culture of pyramid-building, such a culture existed in spite of the fact that pyramids were made for the entombment of lords and were made of solidified block. This style of pyramid building was nearer to what was worked by the Olmecs in Mexico when the primary Olmec pyramids were manufactured. Truth be told, they were not worked of stone, yet of solidified mud and smaller earth. In any case, despite the fact that we don't see pyramids of stone transcending the ground in West Africa, like those of Egypt, Nubia or Mexico, or enormous abilisks, collosal landmarks and structures of Nubian and Khemitic or Meso-American civilization.The reality remains, they existed in West Africa for a littler scope and were shipped to the Americas, where conditions, for example, a domain increasingly cordial to building and liberated from disservices, for example, jungle fever and the tsetse fly, made it a lot simpler to expand on a more fabulous scale. Meso-American pyramid with ventured appearance, worked around 2500 years back Stepped Pyramid of Sakkara, Egypt, worked more than 4,000 years prior, contrast with Meso-American pyramid Large scope building undertakings, for example, monuent and pyramid building was in all likelihood conveyed to the Americas by a similar West Africans who built up the Olmec or Xi progress in Mexico.Such exercises would have happened especially if there was a sorry hinderance and deterrent to huge, momentous structure and development as there was in the woods and intestinal sickness zones of West Africa. However, when the area of antiquated Ghana and Mauritania is firmly analyzed, proof of enormous ancient towns, for example, Kukia and others just as different landmarks to an incredible development existed and keep on existin g at a littler level than Egypt and Nubia, yet noteworthy enough to show an immediate association with Mexico's Olmec civilization.The similitudes among Olmec and West African human advancement incorporates racial, strict and pyramid bilding likenesses, just as the similitudes in their letters in order and contents just as the two societies communicating in the indistinguishable Mende language, which was once far reaching in the Sahara and was spread as far East as Dravidian India in ancient occasions just as the South Pacific. During the early long stretches of West African exchange with the Americas, business sailors made continuous journeys over the Atlantic.In certainty, the oral history of a custom of nautical between the Americas and Africa is a piece of the historical backdrop of the Washitaw People, a native Black country who were the first occupants of the Mississippi Valley area, the previous Louisiana Territories and parts of the Southern United States. As per their oral conventions, their antiquated boats jumbled the Atlantic Ocean among Africa and the Americas on missions of exchange and business.. A portion of the boats utilized during the old occasions, maybe sooner than 7000 B.C. (which is the date given for cavern works of art of the drawings and artistic creations of pontoons in the now evaporated Sahara desert) are like boats utilized in parts of Africa today. These boats were either made of

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Overview of the Synoptic Problem Essay Example For Students

Outline of the Synoptic Problem Essay Should one completely peruse the initial four Gospels of the New Testament, the person in question can discover numerous comparable examples of writing and topics managing a lot of tender loving care and study. This is what somebody, for example, Merriam Webster would characterize as the Synoptic Gospels.So, what are and how might we clarify the distinctions and likenesses among brief creators Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the gospel, John? Which Book was composed first? What exactly degree did the Evangelists rely upon oral custom, composed sources, or one another? The marvel and riddle of these comparable yet exceptional Synoptic Gospels has for quite a long time tested probably the best personalities of the scholarly world and the congregation, working up a lot of insightful discussion; confounding numerous New Testament Survey understudies. To totally comprehend the likenesses and contrasts between these Synoptic Gospels we should initially be familiar with the creators of them; we should recognize a mind-blowing foundation, scholarly capabilities, encounters, writing styles, and occupations. We should likewise pose the inquiries: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?The first significant inquiry Id like to present is: Who? Who were these writers that tested our hearts and minds and showed us Jesus life, services, and importance?The first book of the New Testament is Matthew. It was composed by the creator, Matthew, to outline plainly that the King has shown up. Matthew, a Jew, was proficient. He was a loathed charge authority who later transformed him and lived totally for Jesus and got one of His twelve pupils. Matthew guided this Gospel to his kindred Jews c.60-65 A.D. to demonstrate that Jesus is the Messiah and to clarify Gods realm that He holds available for the entirety of man. The Jews hung tight for a pioneer who had been guaranteed hundreds of years before by prophets. They accepted that this chief the Messiah (blessed one)- would safeguard them from their Roman oppressors and set up another realm. As their ruler, he would run the world with equity. Nonetheless, numerous Jews disregarded predictions that likewise talked about this lord as an enduring worker who might be dismissed and executed. It is no big surprise, at that point, that couple of perceived Jesus as the Messiah. How could this modest woodworkers child from Nazareth be their lord, they thought.But Jesus was the King of all the earth, and it was Matthew (Levi) who took it upon himself (however not the only one) to get the message out. Matthew utilized around 1475 words, 137 of which are words utilized by only him of all the New Testament essayists. Of these last 76 are old style; 15 were presented just because by Matthew, or if nothing else he was the principal author in whom they were found; 8 words were utilized just because by Matthew and Mark, and 15 others by Matthew and another New Testament essayist. It is likely that, at the hour of the Evangelist, every one of these words were in current use. Matthews Gospel contains numerous impossible to miss articulations that help to give concluded shading to his style. Along these lines, he utilizes thirty-four times the articulation basileia ton ouranon; this is never found in Mark and Luke, who, in equal sections, supplant it by basileia tou thou, which likewise happens multiple times in Matthew. Matthew starts his record by giving Jesus lineage. He at that point recounts Jesus birth and early years, including the break to Egypt from the deadly Herod and their arri val to Nazareth. As you read this Gospel, Matthews message sounds unmistakably: Jesus is the Christ, the King of rulers and Lord of rulers. The message of Mark was composed c.55-65 A.D. furthermore, was presumably the principal Gospel to be composed. It was printed to urge Roman Christians to live nearer and steadier to God and to demonstrate without question that Jesus is Messiah. He looked to uncover the genuine individual, work, and lessons of Jesus Christ. Imprint presents a quick progression of striking pictures of Jesus in real life His actual personality uncovered by what He does, not really by what He says. It is Jesus progressing. Overlooking the introduction of Jesus, Mark starts with John the Baptists lecturing. At that point, moves rapidly Jesus submersion, allurement in the desert, and call of the followers. Imprint takes us legitimately into Jesus open service. Occasions moved quickly toward a peak. The Last Supper, the treachery, the torturous killing, and the revival are drastically depicted, alongside more instances of Jesus lessons. Through Marks special style of composing, we see Jesus-moving, serving, relinquishing, and sparing. Character Analysis-Tell Tale Heart EssaySome individuals question, be that as it may, if there is even a succinct issue by any stretch of the imagination. It has as of late been solicited in the title from a provocative and disputable book by Eta Linnemann, (1992), who deficiencies numerous course readings for accepting that the interrelationship among the concise accounts is narrative as opposed to oral before building up that recommendation. These are questions that may never be totally replied by people in the tissue, however later on in Heaven. The words written in the Bible must be analyzed cautiously, in any case, with the goal that we may show signs of improvement comprehension of the significance of their works. For example, your model you so utilized in class about the bank and how it might be deciphered numerous ways, so are the Words of God. However, researchers and literates may not generally be right. That is the reason God leaves it to us to decide the importance of the Bible. So be it, and God favor you. Bibliography:Wenham 1992 John Wenham, Redating Matthew, Mark Luke: A Fresh Assault on the Synoptic Problem (Downers Grove, Ill.: Intervarsity, 1992). Robertson 1992A.T. Robertson, M.A., D.D., LL.D., LITT.D, A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life of Christ (Harper Row, Publishers, Incorporated, 1992)Stevens and Burton 1932William Arnold Stevens and Ernest De Witt Burton, A Harmony of the Gospels for Historical Study (Charles Scribners Sons, New York, 1932)Stonehouse 1963Ned B. Stonehouse, Origins of the Synoptic Gospels, (William B. EerdmansPublishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1963)Heim 1947Ralph D. Heim, A Harmony of the Gospels for Students (Fortress Press, Philadelphia, 1947)Linnemann 1992, ET 1992 Eta Linnemann, English trans. by Robert W. Yarbrough, Is There a Synoptic Problem: Rethinking the Literary Dependence of the First Three Gospels (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books, 1992). Appleton 1910Robert Appleton, The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IX (Robert Appleton Company, 1910)Koester 1990 Helmut Koester, Ancient Christian Gospels: Their History and Development (Philadelphia: Trinity Press Intl, 1990). Rancher 1994 William R. Rancher, The Gospel of Jesus: The Pastoral Relevance of the Synoptic Problem (Louisville, Ky.: Westminster/John Knox, 1994).

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Parody Book Covers of Famous Classics List List #282

Parody Book Covers of Famous Classics List List #282 Todays List List is sponsored by Renegades by Marissa Meyer. Secret Identities. Extraordinary Powers. She wants vengeance. He wants justice. The Renegades are a syndicate of prodigiesâ€"humans with extraordinary abilitiesâ€"who emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone…except the villains they once overthrew. Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and she is on a mission for vengeance. As she gets closer to her target, she meets Adrian, a Renegade boy who believes in justiceâ€"and in Nova. But Novas allegiance is to the villains who have the power to end them both. at Bustle, Parody Book Covers Of Famous Classics at DIY Projects, 9 DIY Projects Made From Old Books at Electric Literature, The 11 Worst Brats in Literature at Los Angeles Times, Audiobooks That Are Not to be Missed at Hachette, 15 Books for the Writing Life at Off the Shelf, 11 Books About Liars at Mental Floss, 12 Smart Book Ideas for Everyone in Your Life at Read it Forward, 15 Gifts for Book Lovers from Indie Bookstores at BuzzFeed, YA Books Gift Guide at Kirkus, 10 Forthcoming Science Fiction Novel Adaptations at Brightly, The Best Things About Reading Aloud with Kids at Signature, 4 Things Every Thriller Writer Can Learn From Charlotte’s Web

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Introduction to Pop - The History of Soft Drinks

The history of soft drinks can be traced back to the mineral water found in natural springs. Bathing in natural spring water has long been considered a healthy activity, and mineral water was said to have curative powers. Scientists soon discovered that a gas, carbon dioxide, was behind the bubbles in natural mineral water, formed when water dissolves limestone. The first marketed soft drinks (non-carbonated) appeared in the 17th century. They were made from water and lemon juice sweetened with honey. In 1676, the Compagnie de Limonadiers of Paris, France, was granted a monopoly for the sale of lemonade soft drinks. Vendors carried tanks of lemonade on their backs and dispensed cups of the soft drink to thirsty Parisians. Early Inventors In 1767, the first drinkable man-made carbonated water was created by Englishman Joseph Priestley. Three years later, Swedish chemist Torbern Bergman invented a generating apparatus that made carbonated water from chalk using sulfuric acid. Bergmans apparatus allowed imitation mineral water to be produced in large amounts. In 1810, the first United States patent was issued for the means of mass manufacture of imitation mineral waters to Simons and Rundell of Charleston, South Carolina. Carbonated beverages, however, did not achieve great popularity in America until 1832, when John Mathews invented his own apparatus for making carbonated water and mass-manufactured the apparatus for sale to soda fountain owners. Health Properties Drinking either natural or artificial mineral water was considered a healthy practice. American pharmacists selling mineral waters began to add medicinal and flavorful herbs to unflavored mineral water using birch bark, dandelion, sarsaparilla, and fruit extracts. Some historians consider that the first flavored carbonated soft drink was made in 1807 by Dr. Philip Syng Physick of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Early American pharmacies with soda fountains became a popular part of culture. Customers soon wanted to take their health drinks home with them, and a soft drink bottling industry grew from consumer demand. Bottling Industry Over 1,500 U.S. patents were filed either for corks, caps, or lids for carbonated drink bottle tops during the early days of the bottling industry. Carbonated drink bottles are under a lot of pressure from the gas, so inventors sought the best way to prevent the bubbles from escaping. In 1892, the Crown Cork Bottle Seal was patented by William Painter, a Baltimore machine shop operator. It was the first successful method of keeping the bubbles in the bottle. Automatic Production of Glass Bottles In 1899, the first patent was issued for a glass-blowing machine for the automatic production of glass bottles. Earlier bottles had been hand-blown. Four years later, the new bottle-blowing machine was in operation, first by the inventor, Michael Owens, an employee of Libby Glass Co. Within a few years, glass bottle production increased from 1,500 to 57,000 bottles a day. Hom-Paks and Vending Machines During the 1920s, the first Hom-Paks were invented. Hom-Paks are the now-familiar six-pack beverage-carrying cartons made from cardboard. Automatic vending machines also began to appear in the 1920s. The soft drink had become an American mainstay. Other Facts Here are some additional facts about soft drinks and the industry behind them: Soft drinks are called â€Å"soft† because they don’t contain alcohol.Soft drinks are called by many other names. The most popular are soda, pop, coke, soda pop, fizzy drinks, and carbonated beverage.Over 34 billion gallons of soft drinks are sold in over 200 countries each year.The most popular early soda drinks that were invented before end of 19th century are ginger ale, Ice cream soda, root beer, Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.The United States represents 25% of global soft drink market.Sugar-sweetened soft drinks are associated with dental caries, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Source The History of Soft Drinks and Carbonated Beverages.

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Personal Statement And Social Responsibility Essay

Some of the important values identified in statements and artifacts of the organization are: respect, accountability, justice, integrity, altruism, compassion, social responsibility, honesty, courage, collaboration, competence, professional behavior, confidentiality, excellence, community building, rituals, and legacy. These values are expressed in agency’s statements and various artifacts. The Vision statement â€Å"All Children Deserve the Best† acknowledges social responsibility and excellence. The Mission statement states, Partnering with parents and community, we provide a strong educational foundation to prepare children for future success expresses collaboration and social responsibility. Agency’s Parent Handbook has all the relevant information for parents to get familiar with the rules, procedures, expectations, and recourses thus articulating accountability as the main value. Classroom Manual assists staff working with children and families, understand the requirements to work with children, families, and staff, thus expressing competency and accountability. Personal Policies discuss values such as fairness, integrity, professional development, staffs benefits, staff hiring process. Code of Professional Conduct requires professional behavior that meets the standards aligned with the NAEYC professional code. The values expressed are respect, honesty, accountability, concern for others, and courage. Confidentiality statement discusses privacy of clients and staff to beShow MoreRelatedPersonal Statement On Social Responsibility885 Words   |  4 Pages Scrip Assessment Rhonda Allen L24906389 Professor Lunde Social Responsibility It is our responsibility as educators to teach our students how to be socially responsible adults. â€Å"The ability of the adolescent to identify and define social responsibility is important in defining who they are, where they fit in the social world, and building confidence in their sense of agency.† (Polk, nd) I want my students to be confident in who they are as individuals, my goal will be to nurture andRead MoreAn Analysis of the Invesco Corporate Ethics Statement and Corporate Social Responsibility Statement1149 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis Of The Invesco Corporate Ethics Statement And Corporate Social Responsibility Statement Introduction Invesco (NYSE: IVZ) is one of the worlds leading global investment companies with a diversified portfolio of institutional, retail and high net-work clients that form the foundation of their business model. As of the close of their latest fiscal financial reporting period of March 31, 2013, Invesco has $729.3B in assets under management (AUM), earning an adjusted operating income ofRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility : Ethical Responsibility1529 Words   |  7 PagesCorporate Social Responsibility: Should we, or should we not. Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) is a theory practiced in the business sphere since fifty years. It refers to the duty of business organizations to adopt certain activities that will benefit the society in some way. Charity, health-awareness campaigns are few examples that a business undertakes to fulfil its objectives of C.S.R. According to this ideal, it is important for various corporations today to undertake such social activitiesRead MoreSocial Workers Must Advocate For Multiple Reasons974 Words   |  4 PagesIn Social Work Speaks, I decided to look at the policy dealing with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. I chose this policy, as I, myself do believe that alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are a major problem in today’s society. This paper will go into detail of this policy and whether I disagree or agree with it. Do my personal values play a role in my decision and if I would make any revisions to the current policy. Do I Agree Or Disagree With The Policy Statement In Social Work Speaks the policyRead MoreMidterm BUSN1201398 Words   |  6 PagesMidterm Student: 1. Socially responsible activities are never done for building the reputation of a firm within the philanthropy model.   True  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  False   2.  Which of the following statements is true about Whistleblowing?   A.  It can occur both internally and externally . B.  It does not cause any harm to the whistleblower. C.  It involves the disclosure of ethical activities. D.  It may seem disloyal, but it does not harm the business.    3.  The practice of attending to the _____ of a firm is referredRead MoreA Brief Note On Defamation And Privacy Are Real Risks1357 Words   |  6 Pageslibel for written statements or slander for spoken ones, a plaintiff (target) must prove all of the following: False Statement of Fact†¦, Of an Identifiable Person†¦, That is published†¦, Causes Reputational Harm†¦, and Made With Actual Malice or Negligence†¦.† (2) Sedwick defines False Statement of Fact as, â€Å"If a statement is true, then it is not defamatory no matter how offensive or embarrassing.† (2) She also adds, opinions are protected because they are not facts. A statement of fact is best writtenRead MoreHsbc Corporation Social Responsibility Research Report1083 Words   |  5 Pages02/12/2013 08 Fall 08 Fall HSBC Corporation Social Responsibility Research Report Introduction HSBC is one of the largest global banks with around 6900 offices in over 80 countries. HSBC Canada has its head office in Vancouver and executive office in Toronto. HSBC has a wide range of business products including commercial banking which provides both domestic and cross border financing, retail banking and wealth management for personal banking services, and global banking and markets whichRead MoreEthics and Decision Making1334 Words   |  6 PagesCHAPTER I WHAT IS ETHICS? - Each society form a set of rules that establishes the boundaries of general accepted behavior. These rules are often expressed in statements about how people should behave, and they fit together to form the MORAL CODE by which a society lives. - The term MORALITY refers to a social conventions about right and wrong that are so widely shared that they become the basis for an established consensus. DEFINITION OF ETHICS: ETHICS – is a set of beliefs about right andRead MoreSocial Responsibility And Triple Bottom Line1427 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The statement, â€Å"It isn’t enough for a multinational corporation to be socially responsible; they must be a triple bottom line company to meet their ethical obligations,† is a brave statement on the surface. Breaking down and explaining the statement, plus providing insight to social responsibility and triple bottom line, will help to understand the impact of the statement. In addition, the underlying outcome from social responsibility and triple bottom line, known as wealth redistributionRead MoreEssay on Business: Mission Statement1372 Words   |  6 PagesBody Shop Case Study In this case, how does The Body Shop address the four components of social responsibility? In the Body Shop, what tensions among these components were at work? Legal- the Body Shop avoided animal testing and used all natural ingredients to avoid any lawsuits. They knew the products were safe since people have been using them for years. Ethical- Anitas personal and moral beliefs into her work is that she is against animal testing and made a great effort to make sure

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The Destructors and Lord of the Flies Free Essays

The Destructor and the Lord of the Flies Being a successful leader doesn’t mean that you have to be aggressive and to use the power of authority. Both, in the destructor story and Lord of the Flies novel we could find some similarities in the way how the young children managed to be leaders and to achieve what they wanted. In the Lord of the Flies we can find two characters of two young children that used to be leader. We will write a custom essay sample on The Destructors and Lord of the Flies or any similar topic only for you Order Now In one side we had Ralph whose aim was how to escape from the island and in the other side we had Jack whose grief was how to secure food. Ralph was very calm and well educated boy but he had one problem hat he couldn’t managed to have under control Jack. This might be because of lack of knowledge since he was too young. Ralph ideas of taking care about the fire was brilliant, this is because if we have a list of equipment’s that we need to survive in such places in the first place should be a mirror or light that would reflect the light , so that would be a chance for them to be identified from a long distance. Jack character was too aggressive and he wanted to be a leader and to take things under control, but the problem was that he didn’t see any long term solution besides securing food. He was not cooperative with the others and wanted to control situation using his power which in most of cases doesn’t work and this was shown as well since he started to get control in his tribe, some of them lost their lives. In the end of the film we can conclude that Ralph idea that he gave when he took leadership was realized. Soldiers wouldn’t saw them, if there were not any fire on the field. In the Destructor story we can find some other characters of young children. In one side we had Blackleg who was appointed as a leader of a gang with voting but since he didn’t have any new ideas he didn’t manage to keep the leadership. When T comes and he gave his idea he immediately keep leading and he achieved to realize his goal by managing the team by delegating duties to each of them in order to make them all involved. Finally we could say that having a good ideas and being creative and being able to manage and implement in proper way this is how usually works in many cases but you need to have an experience and to be able to keep things under control. In Jacks case he proved that being a leader and using authority and power doesn’t really work and possibilities to fail are more than to win. Shaped. The Destructor and Lord of the Flies By Shipped How to cite The Destructors and Lord of the Flies, Papers

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William Shakespeare Essays - Kings Men, William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born in the Hole Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire on April 23, 1564. He was the first son and third child of John Shakespeare, a leather tanner and a maker of gloves, and Mary Arden Shakespeare. William's parents were married around 1558 and had a total of eight children, three of which died in childhood. William's family had been living in the area of Warwickshire for many years and was respected. William's father was at one time prosperous and elected to municipal offices. He was a member of the Stratford council in 1557 and appointed mayor in 1568. John was not without fault, though, and four times from 1570 to 1572 he faced prosecution for money lending and illegally buying wool. He fell into hard times financially and stopped buying property, went into dept, and even mortgaged part of his wife's inheritance. Despite financial difficulties in the family, the boy William's education was not neglected, and he went to the local school in Stratford. Some scholars questions whether a single could have written all the great literature attributes to Shakespeare, citing his schooling as proof that he was poorly educated, but their assumption is probable false. ( ) The teachers in school the William had attended had degrees from Oxford, and the education that the boy received was likely very good. Exactly what young William did after his years of schooling is not really clear, but we do know that during the winter of 1582, at the age of 18, he married Anne Hathaway, the eldest daughter of Richard Hathaway. She was 26, much older than her teenage husband, and pregnant by him. BURNS2 The church announcement of the marriage was waived on November 28, 1582 and less than six months later their first child, Susanna, was baptized in Stratford church on May 26, 1583. Early in 1585, Anne gave birth to twins: Hament, their only son (who died young), and Judith, their second daughter. With a wife and three kids to maintain, and still dependent on his father one of the London acting companies that had been touring in Stratford. Shakespeare moved to London in 1585, where he was very successful. He was an actor and a writer and even owned his own playhouse. He was very respected man there. He was the first playwright to have his formal biography written and published with his works. By 1592 William was firmly established in the big city of London. He was all ready the author of ten plays and successful enough to inspire jealous and be called ?an upstart crow? by a fellow dramatist, Robert Greene. ( ) Between 1592-1594 all the theatres were closed by an outbreak of the plague. So during this time Shakespeare turned to poetry, writing sonnets and two long narrative poems: Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece. When the theatres reopened in 1594, Shakespeare joined the newly - formed Lord Chamberlain's Men, and was entitled to a share of the profits. We was an acting troupe under the patronage of QueenElizabeth