Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Four Forces of Evolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Four Forces of Evolution - Essay Example It usually contains upper and lower cases, symbols and numbers. But it is not as strong as Passphrases. Passphrases are short sentences or sequence of words. Pass phrases are stronger and easy to remember. Though Cryptic passwords are strong, it is very difficult to remember it. If we write the password down somewhere there would be chances of losing it. So Passphrases are better than Cryptic passwords. Since passphrases contain 20-30 characters it can easily avoid attackers and it would also reduces the chances of having that in a dictionary. Another important way to keep our personal matters is by having multiple passwords. It is better to use different passwords for different accounts. One of the best methods to keep multiple passwords is to create passwords which have some kind of a relation. And you should make sure that the relation should be something that is not easily predictable. Most of us face difficulty in creating a strong password. We tend to commit certain errors while creating a password. There are some common errors that we make when creating a personal password. Usage of personal information as password, use of the any variant of the word ‘Password’, use of short passwords which are very easy to remember, use of most common passwords, use of nicknames and birthdays as password are some of the common errors made by people while creating a password. Creating a strong password is not very easy. We should make sure that we never commit the above mentioned errors. The more complex is your password the better it would be. Try to include symbols and numbers in your password to make it complicated. Changing password in a periodic interval would also help you to keep your personal information secure. Here is a procedure to create a strong password. First of all you write a sentence which is of more than 8 characters. Then you remove the space between the words. Once you remove the space you can intentionally misspell a word in order to make

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